About us



Quark-elec Technologies started as a leading professional production consulting company specializing in providing lab testing, compliance certification, production inspection, factory audit, cost analysis and business intelligence solutions to customers. We offer international buyers a basket of integrated services to bring more confidence, security and knowledge when ordering from Far East factories. Through every step of the process, Quark-elec has the expertise and professionalism to prevent surprises.

Incorporated in the UK in 2002, Quark-elec consistently delivers significant market advantage and improved efficiency to a variety of leading businesses and organisations across North America and Europe. Together with our partners, we serve the industrial electronics, Telecoms, Broadband, LED lighting, building security, medical equipment and oil industry markets. 

At Quark-elec technologies, we measure our success by our commitment to our customers. As such, we continue to strive for zero defects, on-time delivery and effective, courteous support that not only meets, but exceeds our customers’ expectations.

From 2014 Quark-elec technologies started to provide our own brand electronics products, based on our 12 years experience in the electronics design industry. We aim to provide industrial standard products at affordable prices.