Quark-elec media platform can help advertisers drive more conversions and meet their digital marketing objectives through its managed performance display solution. Our cloud system allows advertisers to reach their targeting and high-value audiences in real time at scale across the web to drive conversions. A dedicated account team makes strategy recommendations as well as optimizes advertisers' display programs to help them meet their marketing goals.

Quark-elec has developed a unique and cost effective way to support local companies to expand their businesses. We are providing growing businesses with FREE modern digital advertising screens that showcase your company by offering FREE advertising.

Whats more Quark-ele wants to share their income and growth with your company. In addition to free advertising, Quark – elec will pay participating businesses a PERCENTAGE OF THE ADVERTISING PROFITS each month.

Quark- elec have designed a screen that is multi functional and will benefit businesses in a variety of ways suiting particularly all companies, the screen has many optional displays that can be utilised depending on the companies needs

v  Provide up to 5 different locations temperature and humidity wirelessly by using its specially designed sensors,

v  Monitor water temperature accurately with fully water proof sensors

v  Calculate the capacity of people in a set location at any one time

v  Logo display

v  Time, date, temperature and humidity information

v  Scrolling text for up to date news or promotions

v  Increase brand awareness, promote new products and increase communication

As the market of advertising is changing rapidly and becoming ever more costly we feel all companies should have what they need to expand and grow their businesses - our digital advertising screen will enable your company to deliver up to date advertisements, videos, images and text making sure your custom continues to grow with no hassle to yourselves or your clients.

Quark-elec will provide :

·        An LCD monitor free of charge and of your size choice

·        Provide your business  unlimited daily advertising on the screen

·        Manage the content of advertisements

·        Full control of where to advertise to reach target market

·        Daily updates for quick changes

·        A share of the profits monthly

·        A Dedicated App available to download to monitor your income

·        Maintenance and upkeep

For more information or to book a free of charge installation please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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