IOT Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our IOT solution and products. This includes QK-Gxx series and QK-Wxx series products
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IOT Frequently Asked Questions

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1. “I have stopped receiving text messages and the device doesn’t seem to be responding?”-

If you find that your device isn’t working as it should then we need to go through a few steps first to make sure it’s not something simple.
• Make sure the device is lighting up with power
• Make sure there is credit on the sim card.
• Make sure voicemail is disabled
• Make sure there is network signal for the SIM (best way to check is to insert the SIM into a mobile phone and see what the signal strength is on the phone where you want the device to be situated).
• Have you been using the SIM card routinely (at least once a month)
Many problems our customers can have is that there sim card account has been closed by their operator. This is very common for operators to do if the SIM isn’t being used often enough. Most companies will say that the sim card needs to be used every 3 months or else it will be closed down. Some might do it sooner and some maybe not at all. You would have to ask your SIM card provider.

If you’re still having an issue then place the SIM card into a normal mobile phone which supports a standard SIM. Then delete all the messages and sometimes they are hidden or can’t be removed. Try your best to clear the SIM card of any junk like contacts, calendars, messages and so on.

2. “What kind of SIM card can I use?”

There are hundreds of mobile operators and many different sim cards. However our device only needs the most basic of sim cards to function and send text messages. That being said there is still Sims that is not compatible with our device. Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up.

The SIM CARD must:

• 2G compliant or tri-band GSM (cannot use three mobile operator network in UK)
• have a Standard SIM card size (no nano or micro sim cards)
• Have credit on the SIM card before being placed inside device
• have voicemail disabled
• Not be pin protected

3. “I'm sending messages to the G022 but I'm not receiving anything back, nor are the commands working”

There may be a few reasons for this particular problem. One could be that the sim has sent the messages and your phone hasn’t received them (very unlikely). Or the SIM itself is full with messages.
• Take the sim card out of the device and insert it into an unlocked mobile phone.
• Next, using the mobile phone you must delete all the conversation history and messages stored in the sim card
• Then re-insert it into the device and it should Please be aware that only one command must be sent at any one time. You must also receive an answer from the device. If you don’t receive an answer then wait a few minutes. Check you have reception and that the device is in an area where it can receive reception. You must receive a return message from the device to know the input has been executed.

4. “I need to reset my device but it is very far away from where I am currently”

Many of our customers at one time or another, will change their mobile number or want to change the main SIM on their G021/22 without switching it off or being present with the device to power it off and reset it. Now you can reset the device and all the SIM contacts by - texting the message “XGZHM” from the main control phone to the device’s SIM card number. This will reset the device’s SIM contacts and will give you 600 seconds (10 mins) to register your new main SIM number with the device.
• This can only be done from the main phone controller.
5. “Alarm input 1 goes off; latching mode relay 1 stays open and doesn’t return to normal state. Even after 12 seconds delay it still doesn’t return to normal state”
The G021/22 devices and similar products work in the same way in latching mode. Once an alarm has been triggered and a relay has been activated; the corresponding relays will then be locked in position (unless power cut to the device) and will need a command to unlock them. This will return them to a normal operating state. The command to reset relays back to working mode is “EXTRT”. This will reset the relays allowing you to continue commanding the device.

5. “I can’t register a second number with the device. I get no response from it”

Depending on your network carrier and how they process numbers could depend on how your device receives numbers in the future. If you register a phone number with the device the next thing it will do is send that number a confirmation message. If you don’t receive the confirmation message once set up then something has gone wrong. Firstly we need to know how to register the numbers in the device properly.
There are 3 different ways that mobile numbers can be stored by your operator:-

1. 07123456789
2. +447123456789 (+44 UK number only)
3. 00447123456789 (00 44 UK number only)

These are the three ways you carrier can interpret your number. If you’re residing in the UK for example then your international mobile number starts with 0044 instead of the 0. For other countries your starting code will be different. This is very important because the device will store the number you send to it. For example you may store the number 07123456789 when your network operator is looking for +447123456789. This will mean that you won’t receive any messages. You might even receive an error or that the app is waiting for a response.

To help change this you need to send a text message directly to the SIM number saying “WHORED”. by texting the device this message it will respond to the main control phone telling you what numbers are stored on the device. If your number comes up different to how you saved it then there is a problem. Try and change it around to accompany your international dialling codes.

6. “I have an error saying MSDATGRD.OCX what should I do?” [Specific to QK-W016]

Most MSDATGRD.OCX errors are related to missing or corrupt MSDATGRD.OCX files. The nine most common MSDATGRD.OCX errors that can appear on a Windows-based computer are:
• "Component 'MSDATGRD.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."
• "MSDATGRD.OCX failed to register. The specified module could not be found."
• "MSDATGRD.OCX not found."
• "Cannot find MSDATGRD.OCX."
• "The file MSDATGRD.OCX is missing."
• "Runtime Error 339: MSDATGRD.OCX not correctly registered."
• "Missing or broken reference to the file MSDATGRD.OCX."
• "The Module 'MSDATGRD.OCX' Failed to load. Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files. The specified module could not be found."
• "One or more ActiveX controls could not be displayed because either: 1) Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page, or 2) You have blocked a publisher of one of the controls. As a result, the page may not display correctly."
• "This program requires MSDATGRD.OCX, which is no longer included."
These OCX error messages can appear during program installation, while a MSDATGRD.OCX related software program (eg. MSDN Development Platform Disc1) is running, during Windows start-up or shutdown, or even during the installation of the Windows operating system. Because MSDATGRD.OCX is an external file, it presents a big opportunity for errors or malicious file manipulation to occur. Improperly shutting down your PC or getting a virus infection could corrupt the MSDATGRD.OCX, which could create ActiveX errors. When MSDATGRD.OCX becomes corrupt, it cannot be loaded properly by your application, and will result in an error message.

The Two links below will help with understanding and fixing the issue. The links take you away from our website and are not affiliated with Quark-elec in any way. ... atgrd-ocx/ ... ndencies-n